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Thank you for stopping by to see what’s crackin’ and jackin’ over at Daily News Trends – the “not your average” news website.

We’re not here to give you your grandma’s panties, stuffed in a jar and packaged up nice. No, quite the opposite.

Who was shot today isn’t relevant here, neither is your top pop Madonna flipper.

We are going to bring you the latest and baddest news trends that will benefit your life. The 9 – 5 scoop of not so nine to five stuff, ya dig?

So instead of slamming your head on the wall or clutching your balls in fear, how about you sit back, relax – oh and grab a bag of popcorn while you’re at it because it’s about to get good.

We hate to keep you on the edge of your seat, but a little suspense never killed anyone.

So while we’re dishing you out the realest Compton Content, why don’t you check out a partner site of ours for a daily dose of less baggage and more savage shit.

Catch us on the fly, or for a break at your next sales meeting. Either way we’ll be here while them betty’s be knocking.

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